19 Nov 2013

Life's A Beach In Palolem

We couldn't resist the opportunity to chill for a few days on one of Goa's gorgeous beaches - Palolem. Vicky visited a few years ago with Diver and was looking forward to sharing this traveller favourite with Steve. 

palolem beach in goa

Little has changed over the years, Palolem is still its beautiful, charming self - a crescent shaped, golden sandy bay lined with palm trees, colourful beach huts, seafood restaurants and of course, beach loving cows.

sunset palolem goa
"The amazing colours of sunset!"

After making a few enquiries along the beach laiden with our backpacks, in the hot sunshine, we settled into our beach hut at Cosy Nook and three days here soon turned into a week! From the friendly, helpful staff to the individually furnished huts with outdoor bathrooms, we loved our stay here - trust us - if you ever visit Palolem, stay here. 

palolem beach goa

Okay, we have to confess - we didn't actually get up to that much whilst in Palolem, its laid back vibe instantly had a hold on us and walking from sun lounger to sea kept us active. We were lucky enough to make some lovely friends too, mainly from Germany, Amsterdam, London and quite a few from Leeds - it was great to discuss travelling ideas and have some drinking and dining buddies. 

Like Kerala you can eat loads of amazing seafood, you need to request you want it spicy though as they tend to cater to the western palette. Our favourite haunts were Cosy Nook, Fernandos, Cuba and its next door neighbour.

kayaks at sunset palolem goa
"Sunset from the Sundowner bar - gorgeous!"

A jungle rave proved hard to resist and we were pleasantly surprised by the decent techno beats - but we did suffer the next day! We cunningly counteracted our liver damage and sun lounging ways with an enjoyable (and intense!) 90 minute yoga session at Sampoorna Yoga. It was Steve's first ever foray into downward dogs and sun salutation. However, given than a piece of coconut fell on his head and a bird almost shat on his head we're not sure its meant to be. Later that evening the determined bird successfully stained his left shoulder! 

fishing boats palolem goa

Wish you were here... Love, Sticky x

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