2 Dec 2013

Sticky Visits The Taj Mahal

On the final day of our Rajasthan tour we crossed the state border into Uttar Pradesh and made our way to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. Having googled a list of the modern seven wonders of the world we realised we hadn't seen any before so this made us even more excited!

The Taj Mahal

First impressions of the tourist attraction were interesting, the area surrounding the monument couldn't be more different to The Mall at Buckingham Palace. It felt like the dirtiest, smelliest part of India we'd visited - India really need to invest in rubbish disposal. Anyway, once we made it through the rather strict security it felt like another world and our first sight of the Taj Mahal took our breathe away - it's absolutely stunning and it materialises in the distance like a mirage. The mausoleum itself is huge and is very romantic given the king built it for his deceased wife and it took him 15 years.

Steve holding the Taj Mahal
Excellent direction from Vicky.
Sticky ade it to the Taj Mahal
"Flash! Aaaaahh!"
Taj Mahal on Steve's head
Is Steve really balancing the Taj Mahal on his head?!

Naturally we took a lot of photos and are no doubt in quite a few Indian tourist pics - we politely declined a lot of them and Vic even turned down twenty rupees (!) for a photo. It didn't matter though within minutes we felt their lens pan to us for a not so secret pap! 

The Taj Mahal
A giant, quiet corner.
Sticky at the Taj Mahal
Wish you were here! love, Sticky xx

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