2 Sep 2014

A Beauty Review: Lush Fresh Face Masks

As I recently discovered, when it comes to your beauty products you can’t find fresher than the gorgeous smelling goodies you find instore (and online) at Lush. They have so many luscious treats on offer too, much more than the slightly naff and frequently copied bath bombs. You always smell a Lush store before you see it and one rainy afternoon my Mum and I ducked inside for shelter. I’m so glad we did as I connected with this innovative brand for the first time, and found a new favourite beauty treat - Lush’s Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask.

lush fresh face masks review

Inside we were intrigued by an ice filled bar dotted with pots of curious coloured lotions and got chatting to a friendly member of staff. Even though they’ve been around for years the ‘fresh face mask’ concept was exciting news to me. Lush make their face masks  at each store using only fresh ingredients such as chocolate, honey, oats, papaya, and seaweed, plus a catalogue of carefully selected herbs and oils. As you can imagine they smell fantastic and they come in various colours, textures and promises of beautiful skin. After  many questions and sniffing my Mum and I settled on a pot of The Sacred Truth each.

It's not rocket science to use a face mask: massage a thick layer onto a clean face and wait 10 minutes before a rubbing off with warm water and your fingertips. The Sacred Truth is a dull khaki colour but it smells of delicious, fresh papaya. However, the bonus feature for me was that it came straight out of the fridge, so it felt cooling and refreshing on my skin - instant 'aaahh'!

lush fresh face mask the sacred truth review
"Holy beautiful skin!"

Prior to my first use I’d had a few late nights in a row so my skin was looking a bit dull and red in patches, it definitely needed a boost. Once I’d washed off the mask I was happy to see a much brighter complexion and an even skin tone. This wonder mask had also given my pores a deep clean, my skin looked plumper and felt silky soft. The frown lines between my eyebrows had even disappeared, sadly not permanently, just for the next couple of days but hey, I’ll take that!

I mistakenly put my usual moisturiser on straight away, but my dry skin had had its thirst quenched so much that it took a few minutes  to absorb. Thankfully I was all set for a much needed night in so me and my shiny face beamed only at the telly that evening. From that first use I’ve been very impressed with The Sacred Truth, the results are always instant - maybe its the 28 fresh ingredients that do it? I like to try products for a while before I recommend them and this mask has been perfect for my skin.

For comparison I also tried Brazened Honey which is an excellent polisher and exfoliant although not as nourishing. It has a much thicker consistency with big grains that feel quite harsh on my skin. With Lush’s Fresh Face Mask range you’ll find ten delicious masks, with at least one for every skin type or concern, I recommend heading instore to check them out and find your perfect blend.

As these masks are fresh they last for three weeks in your fridge. If like me you always have your head in the fridge looking for snacks, this cute pot may just catch your eye and tempt you to feed your face in whole new way! Expect 4-5 masks per pot for a next to nothing £6.50. Cheaper than any fresh homemade mask and much more effective! I also love that each pot has a sticker with a date stamp of when it was made and who made it. And keeping inline with Lush’s ‘naked packaging’ policy each pot is reusable and when you return five empties to the store you get one free fresh face mask.

Shopping at Lush is a lot like buying your beauty kit at your local deli counter, everything is minimally packaged and the staff are helpful in a non-mechanical and genuine way. And since this recent visit I’ve developed a slight Lush obsession. I’ve no idea how I missed their brand tagline ‘Fresh Handmade Cosmetics’ so here are a few reminders about why we should shop at Lush:

Fighting Animal Testing
Ethical Buying
100% Vegetarian
Naked Packaging

Oh and let’s not forget that the Leeds store has a Spa downstairs, I cannot wait to visit!

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