4 Sep 2014

Authentic Tom Yum Soup

You like spicy? Then you will love this hot and sour soup recipe that I learnt in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand! Tom Yum is a delicious broth that combines all of my favourite flavours from Thai cuisine: coriander, lemongrass, lime and chilli. It’s very spicy and comes pretty close to blowing your head off - consider yourself warned. Still reading? Great! Tom Yum is easy to make and cooks in under thirty minutes, plus its low fat as there is no coconut milk or oil in this recipe. It’s one of my favourite soups as it smells fantastic and is full of flavour.

authentic tom yum soup recipe

Typically Tom Yum is a seafood soup made using prawns but its often made with chicken or tofu too. 

The Ingredients

1 ltr cold water
300g free range chicken breast cut into bitesize pieces (RSPCA Freefrom/Soil Association approved) or raw king prawns or tofu
4 lemongrass sliced
8 kaffir lime leaves
3 red birdseye chillies sliced and smashed (or small red chillies)
Juice of 3 limes
4 teaspoons of palm sugar (or any sugar)
4 tablespoons of chicken/vegetable stock
4 tablespoons fish sauce
4 teaspoons of Thai red chilli paste (available at Asian supermarkets)
2 tablespoons of dried or fresh Galangal (approx half the amount of lemongrass)
4 tomatoes quartered
1 large onion cut into large chunks
4 spring onions sliced
bunch of coriander chopped 

This recipe serves four and once you’re ingredients are prepped its ridiculously easy to make:

1. Add the water, stock, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal and chillies to a large pot. Bring to the boil and wait until you can smell the amazing herbs.

authentic tom yum soup recipe

2. Add the tomatoes, onion and chicken and lower heat to simmer.

(If you’re using prawns you might want to add them to the pot later so they don’t overcook)

3. Add the fish sauce, sugar, Thai chilli paste, lime juice. Simmer for about ten minutes.

4. Add the spring onions and coriander. Simmer for another five minutes. Now your broth should be a rusty orange colour.

Serve everything into bowls, including all herbs (just don’t eat them all), and enjoy!

authentic tom yum soup recipe
"Close up Tom Yum, yum!"

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  1. wow!! such a so yummy soup. thanks for posting nice views.