17 Sep 2015

A Honeymoon in Florence

wedding bride and groom balloon black white

Hey there, stranger! I've been a little quiet on the blog front lately. Life became rather hectic a few months ago with a new job and the big party that was our wedding happening simultaneously. It’s been a fun summer, lets catch up.

7 Apr 2015

Delicious Raw Cacao Balls

raw cacao balls recipe

Do you regularly crave chocolate or a sugar fix? Me too! After every savoury meal. I also lack the willpower to suppress my inner sugar-addict for more than a couple of days. I often give into temptation and have just one chocolate cookie or just one row of galaxy which inevitably leads to another, and another etc etc. Yes, I’m that weak! Recently I’ve been researching healthy sweet treats that are low in sugar but still give my tastebuds a satisfying sweet kick.

9 Mar 2015

In Search Of Winter Sun In Egypt

winter sun holiday sharm el sheikh egypt

British winters are cold, dark and last for half of the year. Yorkshire winters are colder, darker and longer - well, at least that's how it has seemed to us. This time last year we were travelling through Argentina without a snowflake in sight! Our last snowfall was in early 2013 and we’ve naively forgotten how cold and depressing winter in the UK can be. By January our pasty white faces were desperate for warm sunshine, blue skies and happiness injecting vitamin D. The question was where should we go for some winter sun?

3 Mar 2015

Zucco For Me, Zucco For You

zucco restaurant review leeds

I’ve become a bit of a regular at this quaint Italian and have been meaning to share it with you for months. Zucco offer a winning concept of small Italian sharing plates, each freshly prepared to bring an authentic taste of Italy to North Leeds. It’s exactly my kind of dining experience, I'm always filled with food envy at dinner and will always take you up on that offer of a bite. This is tapas done the Italian way, think small-ish dinner plates bursting with big Mediterranean flavours. And not a tiny terracotta bowl in sight.

12 Feb 2015

A Beauty Review: ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser

espa 24 hour eye moisturiser

ESPA first landed on my radar whilst celebrating my 30th birthday at the beautiful St Ives Harbour Hotel. I was treated to the most indulgent body scrub and facial - ever! My skin was silky smooth from head to toe thanks to this award winning natural skincare brand. Oh, and their products smelled divine too.