3 Mar 2015

Zucco For Me, Zucco For You

zucco restaurant review leeds

I’ve become a bit of a regular at this quaint Italian and have been meaning to share it with you for months. Zucco offer a winning concept of small Italian sharing plates, each freshly prepared to bring an authentic taste of Italy to North Leeds. It’s exactly my kind of dining experience, I'm always filled with food envy at dinner and will always take you up on that offer of a bite. This is tapas done the Italian way, think small-ish dinner plates bursting with big Mediterranean flavours. And not a tiny terracotta bowl in sight.

The plates are a 'light main' kind of size and three to four plates will easily feed two hungry people. After starters of course - you don’t want to miss out on those. The marinated white anchovy crostini will get your dinner off to a tasty start and whet your appetite for more mouthwatering dishes. 

Every Italian restaurant offers pizza and Zucco are no different. Pizzetta is a slightly lighter version, however, it’s just as filling and the perfect size to share. Most importantly is tastes great. It’s crunchy thin base is homemade and topped with delicious blends of cheese and herbs. My favourite is scamorza affumicata (a smoked cheese) with olives and caramelised red onion. 

zucco restaurant review leeds
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The main reason to dine at Zucco is their homemade pasta. Two dishes that really standout are the baccala (salt cod) ravioli and braised beef pappardelle (thick pasta ribbons). Both are amazing and surprisingly light when you share them! Which conveniently leaves room for a portion of deep-fried zucchini with mint - a deserved customer favourite. Thin slices of courgette in even thinner batter create a tasty rather than healthy veggie side. Warning: they are VERY moreish and you probably won’t want to share

Another reason to visit Zucco is the wine list, they boast a fantastic selection and are very reasonably priced. The processo goes down very well and again is very moreish!  

It’s a real pleasure to eat at Zucco, its the kind of place you don’t want to leave and you will your body not to get full so that you don't waste a bite. It really is that nice and its not just down to the food. The staff are friendly and efficient. I’ve never felt rushed to order, the staff are pretty patient when it comes to indecisive diners and I hope they take it as a compliment to their delicious menu. 

On one occasion at Zucco I’ve made it through to dessert. It was date night with Steve and as always he was full of encouragement to take on another course. Either he finds a big appetite sexy or he’s hoping I wont’t be able to finish so more for him. It’s definitely the latter. Unfortunately for him I made swift work of the lemon tart but as he’d ordered the 'sharing tart’ designed for two I didn’t feel too glutenous and it was so worth it!

Dinner for two is around £60 including three courses and drinks (excluding tip). It amazes me that you can eat this kind of quality food for such a fair price and in a lovely, relaxed setting. 

Zucco is an ideal choice for both lunch and dinner either with your mates or a romantic date. Just make sure you book ahead as they are always fully booked, even on week nights. Somebody even attempted to table jack us on our last visit. It’s seems that some people will try anything for a table at Zucco. Book yours pronto!

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