28 Sep 2014

Hello, Meat Liquor Leeds!

Let me introduce you to the newest arrival on the Leeds, steadily expanding, burger scene. Leeds, Meat Liquor. Meat Liquor, Leeds. I'm a big fan fan of this cult London born brand, much loved for its burgers and cocktails, and couldn't wait to check out their newest branch. We visited during their opening week on a Friday evening and expected to queue for a while. To our surprise there was no queue and no customers inside the clinical looking diner. Were we in the wrong place?

meat liquor review leeds

12 Sep 2014

The Best Cheap Eats In London

Shockingly it's been almost a year since we moved out of our lovely garden flat in London’s Crouch End to embark on our round the world adventure. Even more surprising is that it took us almost three months, since returning to the UK, to visit our beloved capital. However, we recently enjoyed four fantastic days reacquainting ourselves with much missed friends and London’s best bits, without the stress of working there. As former adopted Londoners with seven years experience eating our way around the city we've compiled a list of our favourite cheap yet cool restaurants in London. 

cheap restaurant London Dotori

4 Sep 2014

Authentic Tom Yum Soup

You like spicy? Then you will love this hot and sour soup recipe that I learnt in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand! Tom Yum is a delicious broth that combines all of my favourite flavours from Thai cuisine: coriander, lemongrass, lime and chilli. It’s very spicy and comes pretty close to blowing your head off - consider yourself warned. Still reading? Great! Tom Yum is easy to make and cooks in under thirty minutes, plus its low fat as there is no coconut milk or oil in this recipe. It’s one of my favourite soups as it smells fantastic and is full of flavour.

authentic tom yum soup recipe

2 Sep 2014

A Beauty Review: Lush Fresh Face Masks

As I recently discovered, when it comes to your beauty products you can’t find fresher than the gorgeous smelling goodies you find instore (and online) at Lush. They have so many luscious treats on offer too, much more than the slightly naff and frequently copied bath bombs. You always smell a Lush store before you see it and one rainy afternoon my Mum and I ducked inside for shelter. I’m so glad we did as I connected with this innovative brand for the first time, and found a new favourite beauty treat - Lush’s Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask.

lush fresh face masks review