29 Jul 2014

A Beauty Review: Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

I’m huge fan of cleansing balms and since discovering them for the first time about 12 months ago I've enthusiastically incorporated them into my daily beauty regime. When it comes to cleansers I'm very anti makeup wipes, they are the ultimate lazy (or, tired) girl accessory and they don’t do any good for your skin. The other option is a cream or water based cleanser but I find the whole cotton wool thing takes forever until I'm satisfied my face is clean. And then who has time to be bothered with a separate eye make up remover?!

Merumaya Cleansing Balm Review

Enter the cleansing balm. Just a fingertip size blob of balm will melt away daily dirt and make up, including a tough mascara like They’re Real by Benefit. Balms tend to be much more nourishing for your skin too as they are enriched with fab smelling oils. These luxurious oils also mean that cleansing balms are a great anti-ageing skincare solution. And, don’t worry they’re not the kind of oils that cause dreaded blemishes or breakouts. 

I've been looking for a new cleansing balm to try and Merumaya’s Melting Cleansing Balm came highly recommended by beauty journos and bloggers alike. Merumaya’s effective skincare range specialises in products that help prevent signs of ageing and reduce existing signs of ageing. As I’m obsessed by my own fines lines I knew Merumaya was a brand that I needed to try.

Merumaya’s Melting Cleansing Balm is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Echium Seed Oil so it not only feels fantastic, it smells refreshing and citrusy too. I found the balm quite runny compared to others I've tried but the thinner formula went a long way. 

To use: simply massage the balm all over your face to melt away dirt and makeup - be prepared to look like a panda for a few seconds.  Then wipe everything off gently with a warm, damp Muslin cloth. Et voila! You have super clean, glowing, soft skin and not a trace of mascara left behind. The best bit for me is that my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight afterwards as I loathe that feeling on my face. Merumaya recommend you repeat the cleansing process twice but for me once is enough.

At £13.95 for 100ml it's excellent value compared to others on the market and gets a big thumbs up from me. I look forward to trying more from Merumaya! The only downside is that Merumaya is only available at John Lewis or their online store where delivery is a little expensive (free if you spend £40).

My advice, if you’re not using a cleansing balm get one pronto, and give your skin a gorgeous glow!

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