12 Dec 2014

Beer and Veggie Bites at Bundobust

bundobust leeds review

Trying to get a devoted carnivore, like Steve, to accompany me to a vegetarian restaurant can be a tricky task that needs much persuasion. However, with a creative Indian street food menu and a bar of eclectic craft beers, a visit to Bundobust proved instantly enticing. 

Bundobust proudly offers a laidback drinking and dining experience in the centre of Leeds. The decor is shabby in an authentic Indian street canteen kind of way. The walls have been hastily pinned with plain wood chipboards and the erm, ugly, tables are accompanied by sociable wooden benches. It’s a deceivingly large space that feels airy and I love the coloured wooden door pieces that add to its 'thrown together' kind of feel.

Since our first visit we’ve been a few times on a Sunday afternoon, it’s the perfect pitstop after an afternoon of shopping or a couple of hours on a train. And, rumours are that it's the perfect warm up bar for a night out on the Leeds tiles given its cool, lively indie soundtrack and newly opened beer garden. 

Their innovative bar snacks are based on popular street food from the homeland of spice, India. Each dish is equally tempting in my opinion. However, my favourite is their Bundo Chaat, it’s fruity tamarind sauce is sweet, spicy and balanced perfectly with crunchy pastry and earthy chickpeas. Their spiced okra fries are great for sharing, a little on the salty side but the batter is light and non-greasy. 

Even though the prices are not quite at the Indian rate, (I have fond food memories of devouring hot potato samosas in Rajasthan for just 4p), £3 to £6 a dish is actually a really refreshing price. Portion sizes are generous, and most importantly the flavours are fresh and very moreish. The growing trend amongst street vendors to charge £8 for just-another-average-burger is becoming a bit boring now. Or is that just me?

There are plenty of craft beers and Indian Pale Ales to wet curious palettes for a couple of hours or more. As an unenthusiastic beer drinker even I loved their bespoke coriander infused beer. Thankfully there is also a decent wine list and a few classic cocktails on offer too to hold my interest past pint number one.

Bundobust arrived in the centre of Leeds over summer and everybody is raving about it. I’ve been super lax blogging lately and have visited a few times to date, its definitely one to watch and a welcome addition to Leeds’ thriving foodie scene.

Arrive hungry or arrive full, I guarantee that you won’t visit Bundobust without trying at least one paper cup full of Indian spiced veggie deliciousness and a beer or two. 

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