17 Aug 2016

Breakfast Recipe: Speedy Bircher Porridge

speedy bircher porridge recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but its often not the most exciting. Particularly on weekdays for those of us who work in an office and dash out the door each morning with seconds to spare. 

A midweek breakfast needs to be quick and satisfying enough to keep busy hands out of the cookie jar for the rest of the morning.

I’ve never really been a fan of cereals other than bran flakes and eating them for breakfast five days a week gets dull very quickly, plus they contain lots of hidden sugar. As for toast, I wish I could eat this everyday but I cant stand that bloated feeling anymore and bread really does not agree with my digestive system.

About six months ago I discovered bircher muesli - raw oats, seeds and fruit soaked in the fridge overnight that are ready to eat the next morning. This increasingly popular healthy breakfast hails from Switzerland. I find the traditional recipes a bit fiddly (who has time to grate apples?) so I’ve simplified to six ingredients to create a speedy, nutritious and filling breakfast. Also, I only allow a couple of hours in the morning for soaking which is plenty of time to soften the oats.

To make one serving of my speedy bircher porridge you will need:

1 200ml jam jar
Rolled oats
Almond milk (unsweetened)
1 TBSP sunflower seeds
1 TBSP pumpkins seeds
1 small banana
A handful of strawberries, blueberries or raspberries
1 TBSP ground flax seed (optional) 

speedy bircher porridge recipe

1. Fill your jam jar about two thirds full with your rolled porridge oats and top with your sesame seeds. Pour in the almond milk to cover and add a little extra if you’d like your porridge a little runnier. Stir well, seal and leave to soak.

2. If you’re heading to work pop your berries and seeds in some tupperware ready to serve later. 

3. After one to two hours of soaking your oats are ready to eat. Simply top with your berries, seeds and sliced banana - and enjoy!

This creamy nutty porridge with sharp berries and banana is a tasty and filling start to your day. It's the easiest dish to experiment with to find your favourite flavour combinations  and I’m yet to get bored of it. Try adding cinnamon, honey or your favourite nut butter during the soaking phase or mix in grated apple or pear. For toppings your combinations are endless!

At weekends and on colder mornings I heat the oats and almond milk in a sauce pan, then top with fruit, nuts and seeds. Remember to keep your porridge healthy and only sweeten with natural sweeteners. 

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